Beautiful Antique Egyptian Runner Rugs

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Beautiful Antique Egyptian Runner Rugs

Egyptian Antique Egyptian Runner rugs, woven in historical Ottoman workshops contain familiar flowers, motifs, and colors.

Over the years, craftsmen used their arabesques and medallions on these rugs.

After the Ottoman Empire conquered Egypt, it is thought that these woolen rugs were produced in weaving shops based in Cairo.


The production year of the first Egyptian rugs is known as 1517. In other words, remember that in order for your rug to gain the value of antique, it must have a productive year and later.

Antique Egyptian Runner Rugs İn The Middle Ages

Historical Egyptian rugs were produced by the Mamluk Sultanate in 1250 and by the Ottoman Empire in 1517. Antique Egyptian Runner Rugs were represented by these two countries the middle age. When history showed the 1600's, the Mamluk State started to produce historical Egyptian rugs.

The rugss made in Mamluk workshops are different from other Egyptian carpets. They were designed in a more colorful and ornate manner and were sold more expensive than other rugs.

Also, one of the most preferred types of rugs used by merchants throughout the Middle Ages is ancient Egyptian rugs. It has reached millions of people around the world throughout its medieval history and continues to increase its popularity.

How To Choose Best Antique Egyptian Runner Rugs

First of all, a good Antique Egyptian has to have a long history of production. Because the history of antique rugs goes back to the Middle Ages, Ottoman, and Mameluk states.

In addition, the most vivid colors and ornate motifs are used on the original Egyptian rugs. If these listed features are on the carpet you bought, you can be sure that the product you bought is original.