Antique Caucasian Pak Kazak Rugs

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Antique Caucasian Pak Kazak Rugs

Antique Caucasian Pak Kazak Rugs were produced in the mountains and plains of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

They were produced with the successful combination of Armenian and Afghan dyers and Azeri weavers.

They have been used by minority communities in these regions over the years. The motifs on the rugs reflect the lifestyle of each culture.

They are also among the most important and expensive rugs in the world. Kazak rugs, provide beautiful views and prestige to the house where it is located. It is one of the types of rugs that every person who is curious about the Antique Kazakh culture should have at home.

Because every detail of that region has been perfectly processed into the products.


What Are The Feature Antique Caucasian Pak Kazak Rugs?

These rugs, woven by the people of the region, include geometric shapes, animal figures, symbolic motifs, and dramatic borders. The breezes of the plains of the region have been successfully processed in every product.

Also, there are traces of every society living in Kazakh culture in antique rugs. Vivid colors and creative motifs are used on each carpet.

All of the colors used on the carpets are prepared using dyes obtained from vegetative means. It has been preferred by collectors for years.

Because the demand for these rugs is increasing day by day. In addition, it is one of the products that have attracted the attention of customers who want to use carpets in their homes for years. Finally, you need to have a carpet to understand the lives of Kazakh societies.