Antique Karabagh Rug Pictorial Horse and Dog - NL 16621

5,250 USD
  • Product # 16621


This Karabagh is bursting with life from every angle. Rich cranberry reds and soft greens act as a gorgeous scene for the whimsical rows of deep brown horses and spotted dogs. The animals themselves are a feast of detail; each dog has subtly different patterns in its fur, with varying markings of white, tan, and chocolate, and each horse sports a unique halter and saddle. It’s clear the artist who wove this piece kept themself interested as they wove with subtle variations and pops of detail and color. Such joyful work brings joy into the room with it.

  • Size 4' x 7'4''
  • Origin  Armenian
  • Design Folkloric 
  • Color Red and Black
  • Age  1920s

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